Celebrating World Vegan Day in Turkey

This Monday, Nov. 1, is World Vegan Day, an annual eventuality hold for over 20 years now where vegans and sympathizers come together to learn, share and applaud a advantages of merciful living. While adopting this lifestyle is quick apropos a trend in Turkey, it’s advantages to a planet, a animals we live it with and to a really possess persons is famous to everyone, either a new modify or not should know about it. Therefore, this year Turkey’s Vegan and Vegetarian Association will be holding their initial ever World Vegan Day event, that will include of a row of renowned speakers, a cocktail jubilee and a documentary film screening that will be hold on Sunday, Oct. 30 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. during a Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel.

Sponsoring a event, orderly by Turkey’s Vegan and Vegetarian Association (TVD), a stylish hotel, located on a Asian side of a city, will be opening a doors to anyone meddlesome in training some-more about this merciful lifestyle in this giveaway full-day event. Celebrated with this range for a first-time ever in Turkey, The TVD World Vegan Day will include of a row of renowned speakers that will plead a 3 categorical beliefs behind adopting a vegan lifestyle, namely; ethics, ecology and health. In other words, a aim is to share a believe behind because a vegan lifestyle truth is a ultimate proceed to vital when deliberation animal rights and freedoms. The fact that a stock attention is a biggest author to tellurian meridian change and environmental wickedness and a disastrous effects of immoderate animal products from a health viewpoint are all aspects that will be tackled in fact during Sunday’s panel.

Discussing these dire topics and other vegan-related issues is a extensive row of renowned speakers and experts in a field. To name usually some of a speakers that will be present, there will be cardiovascular and inner medicine dilettante Dr. Murat Kınıkoğlu, a obvious vegan medical practitioner who healed his possess high blood vigour by adopting this merciful and healthy lifestyle. Also vocalization will be Dr. Tuğrul İlter, Assistant Professor during East Mediterranean University and a Director of a Communication and Research for Peace Center. Dr. Nilgün Eröztürk, a owner of a Energy Clinic, a heading ozone therapy core in Istanbul.

Zülal Kalkandelen is another publisher and author that is famous for being a vegan and animal rights romantic that is also a voice behind a ominous website and is also coauthor of a initial book on veganism published in Turkey and patrician “Veganism: Morals, Politics and a Struggle.” Also fasten a row is Vegan and Vegetarian Association Executive Board Chair Ebru Arıman, as good as a Turkey executive for V-Label, a general standardization complement for labeling vegetarian and vegan products started adult by a European Vegetarians Union (EVU). Also pity his passion and pursuits will be obvious animal rights defender Gökçer Korkmaz.Following a row will be a cocktail and a film screening of a documentary “Cowspiracy,” that tackles how a animal attention has broken a rainforests, involved class and caused detriment of habitat, dirt erosion, a disintegrating of rural and timberland land and has led to a lassitude of purify H2O sources and environmental pollution.

Hopefully a initial of many to come, this will be a singular eventuality for anyone meddlesome in a vegan lifestyle to meet, network and combine with other like-minded souls in an rare classification in a fantastic environment subsequent to a Kalamış Marina. Although free, assemblage is by invitation only, therefore those meddlesome are suggested to obtain an online invitation.

Other World Vegan Day events

Mahatma Cafe in Kadıköy’s Yeldeğirmeni neighborhood, famed for being a initial vegan grill in Istanbul, will also be hosting a World Vegan Day eventuality on Sunday, Nov. 6 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., in that there will be dual speakers: dietitian Kevser Başkara, deliberating vegan nourishment and health benefits, and Sait Biliz, who will be rebellious a ecologic and reliable aspects of vegan living.

One of a pioneers in vegan cuisine in Istanbul, Community Kitchen, located on Beyoğlu’s Kumbaracı Yokuşu, will be holding a special on Friday, Oct. 28 from 6 p.m. to 9 pm dishing adult 5 vegan mezes, vegan lahmacun and even vegan ayran all for 25 TL.

Komşu Kafe Collective was a initial vegetarian-vegan cafeteria to open in a up-and-coming and each so musty graffiti-laden Yeldeğirmeni area as good and is a common cafe, that boasts no boss, no waiters and even no customers, here it is all about imece, a Turkish judgment of giving a assisting hand. On Saturday, Oct. 28 they will be hosting a delicious vegetarian French Food night starting during 7:30 pm.

Vegan Mutfak aka Vegan Kitchen, a recently non-stop old-fashioned café on Beyoğlu’s Mis Sokak, that serves affordable elementary internal vegan food and is open daily, will be hosting a possess Vegan Day jubilee on Nov. 6 from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., in that attendants will suffer a vegan cooking and afterwards conduct adult to a patio building of a same building to a Kolektif song venue.

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